I’m trying this new thing out with my hair.

It’s fabulous and totally natural.

Fabulous in the way that there are no preservatives, it’s totally kind to the environment and biodegradable.  A great piece for my health and wellness blog. (Sandalwood Life)  It’s non-toxic and doesn’t contain any of the commercial cancer causing chemicals of the regular drugstore brands.

Natural in a way like a wild animal.  Crazy and tangled and OUT OF CONTROL.

Seriously.  Everyone of the 8 blogs I looked up about this product raved about this. EIGHT! (That I’ve consulted this morning…I’ve looked into others on other days, figuring maybe I just didn’t have the mix right…they raved too.)  Maybe raving mad?

I don’t know.  But I’m ready to pull my hair out.

All the now super-thick-feeling, tangle of natural wavy curls.  It sounds almost beautiful.  But the only thing beautiful here is the kindness to the environment.

I’m going to stick with it.  At least until the end of the month.  The biggest complaint people have about this is how your hair goes through a transition period where some people say it gets greasy.  My hair seems to be defiantly skipping that process and is just being naughty. knotty. Ugh.

Instead of a pony tail I try to put my lion’s mane in an elastic to hide it.  Cage it up like an animal.

At least it should make my halloween costume easy this year.  I have my pick of 80s hair, lion, Mogli (think Disney’s jungle book) or lady-from-a-madhouse.  Then again maybe the madhouse thing isn’t that far off.  Think the hospital would take me for an all inclusive, food included, housework free vacation?

Sigh.  But then what would my kids do?

Elastic contained hair it is.

Maybe if I put on makeup people won’t notice.

(Yes the non-natural make-up.  This whole thing is becoming so counter productive…)


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