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I’m trying this new thing out with my hair.

It’s fabulous and totally natural.

Fabulous in the way that there are no preservatives, it’s totally kind to the environment and biodegradable.  A great piece for my health and wellness blog. (Sandalwood Life)  It’s non-toxic and doesn’t contain any of the commercial cancer causing chemicals of the regular drugstore brands.

Natural in a way like a wild animal.  Crazy and tangled and OUT OF CONTROL.

Seriously.  Everyone of the 8 blogs I looked up about this product raved about this. EIGHT! (That I’ve consulted this morning…I’ve looked into others on other days, figuring maybe I just didn’t have the mix right…they raved too.)  Maybe raving mad?

I don’t know.  But I’m ready to pull my hair out.

All the now super-thick-feeling, tangle of natural wavy curls.  It sounds almost beautiful.  But the only thing beautiful here is the kindness to the environment.

I’m going to stick with it.  At least until the end of the month.  The biggest complaint people have about this is how your hair goes through a transition period where some people say it gets greasy.  My hair seems to be defiantly skipping that process and is just being naughty. knotty. Ugh.

Instead of a pony tail I try to put my lion’s mane in an elastic to hide it.  Cage it up like an animal.

At least it should make my halloween costume easy this year.  I have my pick of 80s hair, lion, Mogli (think Disney’s jungle book) or lady-from-a-madhouse.  Then again maybe the madhouse thing isn’t that far off.  Think the hospital would take me for an all inclusive, food included, housework free vacation?

Sigh.  But then what would my kids do?

Elastic contained hair it is.

Maybe if I put on makeup people won’t notice.

(Yes the non-natural make-up.  This whole thing is becoming so counter productive…)


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Eat Shit.

I am currently wondering about my mental stability.  My last two posts have been entitled with scary Freudian reference.  Maybe I need to see a shrink.  Or am stuck in the phalic stage of life?  God knows I change enough diapers…

So I’m just going to come out and say it.  I can’t stand the new fad of “eating clean”.  It’s been eating away me for months *giggle at self joke*.  Seriously though.  Since when did food develop the ability to act inherently “bad” or “good” or be “clean” or “dirty”.  If I wash my “dirty” chocolate bar with soap will that make it clean? Or happen to use the 3 second rule on my “clean” apple does that make it dirty?

I have come to the conclusion that I was blessed with a grand combination of genetics, motivation and general nutrition and fitness knowledge and know how to stay active, athletic and healthy.  My weight is stable. My BMI is well within range and I look fabulous.  (Side note: okay so I don’t think I actually look fabulous most of the time but this is coming from my husband, doctors, friends, and comments I have received from fellow gym members regarding my physical condition.)  So it can’t be half bad.  The truth is I eat healthy, whole foods, most of the time.  I only eat when I am hungry. (Trust me there are many other ways to sabotage yourself mentally without overeating.  None of which are recommended.) And I pay attention to my food.  Like actually sit down, put the phone/ipad/laptop/tablet device away and contemplate the flavours on my palate, type pay attention.  And I am grateful.  For the way I can taste food, and buy food, and prepare food.  And for the farmers and stores that make it accessible to me.

I am also vegetarian.

(Side note: Actually vegetarian is only a half truth.  I will only spend money on food that is vegetarian when given an option. Sometimes, on the rare occasion I am out for dinner and there is no vegetarian option, or such option is “plate of vegetables” I will order fish, and also when back home visiting family I will eat whatever my family chooses to provide me. My sister calls it freetarian  as I will eat free food!)

Anyway I find that in the 5 year transition to this lifestyle I have done years of research and reading and self examination about my beliefs, and diet, and health.

“So what?” You say

So I have spend a ton of my life paying attention.  I believe that you can live a healthy life by listening to your body.  And using the rule of moderation.  Including using moderation in moderation.

Wash your hands before dinner yes.  As for clean food, I do prefer mine without bugs or grit, but a quick rinse of the local, organic fare usually does the trick.

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Yoga Polka

I taught my first non-family, non-friend yoga class recently.  Yoga to complete strangers.  A class made up of a local mommy group.  I was so excited.  I spent way to long making a music playlist…okay I’ll be honest most of the time was spent figuring out how to work itunes playlist settings and attempting to get music onto my iphone.  I NEVER do things like this.  It’s Jack’s territory.  I tell him what I want (usually by humming tunes, because I can’t actually name artists or songs) and he magically makes them appear on my devices.  So for my first yoga class I geared up my tech savvy.  I’ve been creating a list of songs in my head for a few weeks now, trying my best to recall artists and songs.  Just FYI: humming doesn’t work when you’re speaking to a computer.  And once I had a list (written down on paper or course!) voila onto my iphone the songs went!

Also note to self: need to gently break the news to Jack that my awesome list of songs may have included a few too many itunes song purchases.  Despite our MEGA drive of his music, it is sorrowly lacking in the music I hear in my head.  Yes the music is there, next to the judgy voices and a few other things 🙂  It’s a crowded place that head of mine.

Next up I revamped my wardrobe.  Side thought – is it called a ‘war’ drobe because at some point in time people were gearing up for war?  Most of what I do is for fun…would that make it my fundrobe?  After all, for the past 2 months that Sawyer was allowed at the gym’s childcare I think I have been 5-6 times every week.  Some weeks I go everyday.  This makes my life full of laundry loads as I only have so much “war” gear for athletic activity that will wick away sweat and look good doing it!  So with added weekly teaching of yoga I need some new gear.  Can you feel my rationalization here?

Note to self: Also need to prepare Jack for upcoming credit card bill with added “war”drobe essentials.  Remember to mention the great 15% discount I now get for being a yoga instructor! (rationalize, rationalize, rationalize)

Then onto my yoga practice plan.  I have spent hours fawning over my teaching training yoga notes and contemplating how to teach a practice that not only leaves the participants physically worked (but not overworked) but balanced.  Picking and choosing poses so as not to overstimulate the nervous system (this class is a late night one and I greatly value the need for sleep).  So after all this preparation I was ready.  And excited.  Oh so excited.  Not scared-excited like before international border crossing, airport travel with a small child, unattended by the father where I need a signed parental release, passport, VISA verification, marriage certificate, birth certificate, vaccination status and history of preschool attendance, sick to my stomach the whole time, unable to eat, run to the bathroom every 15 minutes ‘excited’.  This was the good kind.

Fast forward to the yoga.  Only two of the three participants showed up. Granted we are all moms, with multiple small kids.  (Anything could have gone wrong, especially if the kids get wind we want to do something for ourselves.)  So off to practice two out of three!  After my relaxing and centering breathing sequence my new students starting chatting about how they knew one another, and asking about what brought me to this city.  One had to also check for texts…in case hell was breaking loose with hubby and small children at home.

Enter screaming child in the background.  (We were afterall at another mom’s home.)  No problem though, her husband was learning how to deal with parenting 101: calming the crying infant.


Drawing attention back to practice we started with music.  Great music, which they immediately wanted to know the name of the artist so they could also get said music (wtf? I don’t know it’s on the paper list at home. Yoga people! Yoga!!!!)


Back to breathing.

Now sweep arms up… Attempting to cycle through a sun salute one of my students fell over. Literally.  Lost her balance and fell over.  Granted she did warn me before class she was new to this.  And perhaps not the ‘athletic’ type.  I looked at my perfectly balanced prepared yoga practice notes.  My ego fell over.  Literally lost it’s balance and fell over.  I was new to this!  How do I teach without a lesson plan?  We as a class couldn’t hold downward dog without falling over and I had high hopes of triangle pose?  Half moon? HA! So after I brushed off my bruised ego, I remember my very first yoga teacher training class.  The words were clear in my head.  It was almost like when people speak of having epiphanies and a voice just comes to them out of the cloud and booms: “You are all BABIES at yoga.  You will be teaching beginners.  You need to learn to teach BASICS.”  Thank god I listened because for the next hour, between texts and a screaming infant that’s exactly what I did. I think we did a total of 3 poses.  And my students were happy (well at least that what they said, as one rushed out the door to save her husband and still-not-sleeping kids and the other went to the room of the in-house crying child to try and get them to sleep).  I think it went well.

Next time I’ll lower my expectations.  Maybe show up in sweatpants and just play whatever album I’m listening to that day and see where it takes us 🙂  I love the shaking up and breaking of life patterns this yoga class provided.  The A frame of my personality needs a good shake now and then.

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